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Xtreamforex Asia FX news wrap: Yen crosses rise further

Xtreamforex Asia FX news wrap: Yen crosses rise further

Rising oil costs and falling yen were the principal topics again here during Asia to open the week.

AUD and GBP were outstanding risers however NZD, CAD and EUR additionally showed strength. USD/JPY is above 112.50 as I post.

There was a nice progression of information throughout the end of the week and during the meeting (see shots above) to sum things up:

Lebanon saw a 24 blackout

Proceeding with a downpour in northern China caused far-reaching flooding and avalanches and resulting passings, wounds, and harm – 60 coal mineshafts have suspended activity

two authorities from the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee, including Governor Bailey himself, indicated UK rate increases

there was further encouraging information on the US and China chatting on exchange issues

The People’s Bank of China set the inland yuan more grounded again today and further emptied assets of the financial framework (see slugs above).


Heads up for a (halfway) US occasion Monday and Canadian occasion moreover