Copy Trading

How it works

Copy-trading gives you the advantage to copy the trade of the successful trader, known as a strategy manager. Where the position of your chosen trader automatically gets copied in real-time and you will get the indistinguishable results as per your strategy manager. While you are imitating the position the proportion of profit would be shared among both. You additionally also have the privilege to choose the amount you would like to invest. Copy trading is an effortless technique where you can learn the strategy from expert traders.

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By choosing from 600+ Strategy Managers, you decide who to follow & how much you want to invest.

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No one, except you, has access to your personal details or money

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Sign up within minutes, and monitor your funds in real-time.

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Withdraw your funds instantly, and pay your Strategy Manager only in case of profit’s discover how much you could earn by using our forex investment calculator.

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