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How to Earn a Great Income Using the CFD Trading Platform?

How to Earn a Great Income Using the CFD Trading Platform?

Income generation is necessary for human lives and everyone is looking for the methods that make them rich online. One of the most established methods to make money is using the CFD trading platform which is software that helps users trade on contract for differences. Gone are the days when you had to rely on the dealing desk trading only but now, you can trade having the online presence of it. Let’s know it further.

What is CFD in a Trading Platform?

CFD or contract for difference is the agreement done between the buyer and seller that the purchaser will pay the difference between the present value of the asset and its value at the contract time. CFD is one that serves you do the trading on it and support you make money. Thus, you can earn a profit from the price movement without having the actual asset with you.

Understanding CFD with Example

An example will get you a clear view of the Contract for different things. Let’s suppose you choose a stock that has an asking price of $25 and opens at a CFD having a value of 100 shares. If you buy the shares without using the CFDs, the cost you would pay will be $2500. It’s the total cost that is left behind after charging a commission or a trading cost.

A CFD broker will require just 5% of the margin to get his work done. With this, you can enter the trade with $125. It’s a great place to trade for intraday traders. Here, the risk and reward ratio is raised that will make your short-term trade more practicable. When you do CFD, you experience that the position of the loss is correlated with the size of the spread. It’s because the spread from the broker is 5 cents. For having a break-even, you need at least 5% of the stocks here.

Benefits a CFD Trading Platform Offers to the Clients 


The leverage you get in the CFD is way higher than the leverage of the traditional trading accounts. Here, you will get a margin requirement as low as 2% only. However, the rate will depend upon the asset in which you are dealing. The margin requirements in Shares or cryptocurrencies can go up to 20%. Here, Low margin rates would help you take big positions with less capital and losses will hit you hard.


The advantage of associating yourself with a CFD trading platform is, you can trade in all major markets of the world. When you have so many markets to accept from, you can trade at any favorite time of yours in 24 hours. Just see the brokers’ trading hours and start trading.


There is a minimal cost you require to follow in order to do the CFD trading. When you enter this market, you see that various brokers charge little or no fee to enter and exit the trades. It will depend upon the broker to broker. Their major money is generated by charging the spread fee. The size of the spread will depend on the volatile nature of the asset you have. The asset could be cryptos, indices, forex, or anything.

Low Shorting

You cannot do shorting in the markets at a certain time as the markets force you to go short in these times. Here, the margin requirements can be high for you to short as compared to going long. The CFD market doesn’t have these rules as you don’t own the real asset. Thus, you pay no borrowing or shorting costs to your CFD trading platform.

Fewer Day Trading Needs

There is a demand of many markets that you must have a specific capital before you actually start off trading. This thing will limit you to the volume of trades you require and the collection of profits you get. A CFD trader can thus set an account as low as $1000 and as high as $5000. So it’s affordable too.

Diversity in Trading

CFD trading can be done using the instruments like Commodities, Indices, Cryptocurrencies and Forex. Just select the one that suits you best and start investing today.

Way to Make Money Using a CFD Trading Platform

So you know what CFD is and what it can do to make you happy in the trading world. It’s time you know how to start with the CFD trading. The selling points of CFD are that it’s super smooth to go ahead in this type of trading. Just follow the below steps today:

Decide a Market

When you are in the financial market, you will get confused as there are thousands of them. You can select forex market, commodities market, bonds markets, indices markets, and more. Always choose a market that is more appealing and comfortable for you. This means you should have some knowledge of it. You can also select a market depending on the latest market trends in case you are confused about selection. You can also get a search option on many trading platforms that will be convenient for you to decide which market you require to go for.

Take the Buy or Sell Decision

When you decide to buy, you are going long and, in case you decide to sell; you are running short. Just trust the CFD trading platform you have and you will know the current price of the instrument. The initial price will be the selling price and the second one will be the buy price. As discussed earlier, the price of CFD will depend upon the instrument you have. If you think the market will rise, buy it else sell it.

Size of the Trade

To take the next step in earning money through CFDs, you need to select the size of CFD you are interested in. CFD will let you control the size of your investment. Decide how much you want to invest in the asset. Brokers will have minimal margin requirements that are needed to open the trade. This thing will change from instrument to instrument. Be clear about this. Cryptocurrency may have high margin requirements and for buying $2000 Bitcoin, you may require to pay $1000 as margin. A stock will, however, only need a 5% margin, which is way too less than cryptocurrency margin.

Set Profit and Loss Limits

With a CFD trading platform, you can easily set your profit-and-loss limits that will save you from losing money. They have a risk management feature built-in the software that allows them does this. When you know about your risk and gains, you can stop your loss to automatically close a trade when the market reaches a certain level. You will have low losses when you adopt this strategy and can run other trades the next day. Limit order in the program will guide you to choose a trade at a price better than the market. You can also take help from the trading bots in case you don’t want to manually close the trade.

Keep a Watch on your Trade

So you have placed trades, set up a stop or loss limit. Now, by the rules, your profit will shift alongside the market price. The software will allow you to see the market price in real-time and give you a sign to add or close trades. You can also close your stop loss if it’s not activated. Choose “close position” from the position window. Thus, keeping a close watch on your account will help you increase your wealth, too.

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