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Australian Bond is on Destruction as GBP/JPY Gets a Boost in the End of this Month

Australian Bond is on Destruction as GBP/JPY Gets a Boost at the End of this Month

A boost was seen in the GBP/JPY yesterday. Traders were waiting for the Aussie bond market to rise when the RBA did not purchase the 2024 April yield target bond. The questions were asked whether the bank is giving the yield curve control or not. The three-year farming done during this time is giving fertility of 1.15% that rose from 0.3% at the start of the month. The bank target is to limit fertility at 0.1%. Certain thoughts will include keeping an eye on the April 2024 bonds that whether the bank will purchase them or not.

F so far the Australian dollar impact has not been great but the market is expecting hawkish RBA where the money market is priced at 3-4 rates in a year. But as per the RBA’s current statement that it will not raise the dollar rates till 2024 has not encouraged the hopes of the hawkish RBA. The currency is struggling to make a foothold above 0.7500.

F the S&P is expecting to close with over 5% of the gains in this month that will raise the potential for a month-end rebalancing that will raise the short-term fluctuations for forex. The S&P 500 has closed at 5% or more in the past where GBP/JPY had gained close to 0.6% on these occasions. GBP/JPY has however moved higher to 82% on the final trading day of the month.

As per today’s ECB meeting, the policy settings will be unchanged but the market participants are expecting that the ECB repeat their stance and push back the current market pricing that gives you an indication of rate hikes by the end of 2022. Let’s see how far the GBP/JPY will go and at what rate it will become stable. For more information about the forex news, keep reading our blogs and get yourself updated with the financial sector in an easy-to-read blog format.