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EUR/JPY Eyes Breakout – Xtreamforex
November 25, 2022

EUR/JPY Eyes Breakout – Xtreamforex The US out on holiday, there’s not much point in discussing the dollar. Instead, something that could move during the Asian hours. The Japanese yen. After being the weakest of major currencies for an extended period this year, the yen has stormed back against the dollar, along with equities, gold

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RBNZ seen raising rates by historic 75 bps
November 22, 2022

RBNZ seen raising rates by historic 75 bps Whilst there has been some less expectations that inflation around parts of the world have topped out, recent data for New Zealand is remining us that inflation can remain at elevated levels for longer than anyone would like. CPI rose 2.2% q/q, up from 1.7% and well

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Japan’s Inflation hits the ‘40-year high
November 18, 2022

Japan’s Inflation hits the ‘40-year high Despite the BOJ’s best efforts to contain inflation, prices are indeed rising. Nationwide inflation rose to its highest levels since 1984 at 3.7% y/y and core inflation is also at 3.6%. If food and energy are excluded, CPI is now 1.4% y/y- which is its highest since 1998 we

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US Consumer Remains Strong
November 17, 2022

US Consumer Remains Strong Equity markets in Europe are back in the red yesterday, while the US looks largely unchanged around the open on Wall Street. Reports of missile strikes in Poland on Tuesday naturally caused a shudder in the markets. The prospect of a sudden and unexpected escalation in the war in Ukraine, particularly

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Markets Position, The lower-than-expected US inflation
November 16, 2022

Markets Position, The lower-than-expected US inflation The lower-than-expected US inflation print simply extended with economic data serving as an accelerator. European stocks add a normal 0.6% but US indices open with very solid 0.9-2.5% gains. The US NY Empire manufacturing index surpassed the bar with ease, coming in at 4.5 vs a -6 consensus. But

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